Why Simplifyd?

  • Local Currency Billing

    Get billed in your local currency. Whether it’s the Nigerian Naira or the Kenyan Shilling, we’ve got you.

  • Custom domains, SSL/TLS & Certs

    No tedious certificate renewals and DNS management.

  • Apps one-hop away

    With simplifyd, your apps are on the fast path. Reduced latency and RTT.

  • Supports your framework

    You don't have to change your current workflow. Major languages and frameworks supported.

How it works

Link to Git and enjoy automatic deploys.

With a push to git and automatic deploys, your application is live. Always fast, scalable and simple.

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  • 1.

    Link your git repository

    Link your git repo (Github, Bitbucket & GitLab supported) and every push triggers automated deploys.

  • 2.
     simplifyd build app 
    Branch new-logo set up to track remote
    branch new-logo from origin.
    * [new branch] * new-logo -> new-logo
    simplifyd build complete!
    acme [new-logo] ~

    Add your build settings

    Confgure Simplifyd by setting your preferred web frameworks build settings.

  • 3.





    Deployment Done!

    On deployment, Simplifyd gives you a shareable preview URL. Add your custom domain name to go live!

Build apps,
not infrastructure

Leave the grunt work to us

At simplifyd, we believe businesses should focus on their main idea and not have to waste time on infrastructure. Developers and businesses should spend time doing only what they love to do - Building the best apps.

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