What you get


  • Bundle data with your app

  • Remove data affordability barriers

  • Target users with fine-grained policies

  • Discover detail metrics about your audience

  • Data caps to limit spend

  • Secure access to datafree apps

  • No app modifications needed

Get started

How it works

Enjoy toll-free setup without the hassle

  • 1

    Download Simplifyd Edge app.

    Available for mobile (iOS & Android) and desktop (MacOS and Windows)

  • 2

    Switch-on. Get instant toll-free access to listed apps & websites.

    It also works when the end user has no active data plan on their device.

What's included


  • No modifications to your app needed.

    Simplifyd Edge only needs to know the domains accessed by your app (mobile or web)

  • Native support for iOS and Android services.

    Traditional MNO reverse bill models don’t work well for mobile apps since they cannot proxy Android and iOS services for services like push notifications etc. Simplifyd Edge provides support for this out of the box

  • Fine grained policies.

    You can specify rules to determine who gains data free access to your app and how much data they get. E.g users from a particular location, users with a particular kind of device etc.

  • Native Toll-free App Download.

    Your mobile apps can be downloaded data free from the Android Play store and iOS App store